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My Game

 Wood Swing

Iron Swing

"I have known and coached Ben Taylor for many years, during this time he has not only developed into a fine player but also a fine human being. His commitment to improving his game is second to none and he carries this same attitude to everything he does in life.I look forward to watching Ben develope further and wish him every success."
Hugh Marr FPGAHead Coach, Surrey Golf

Short Game

"I have worked with Ben on his short game for several years now. His improvement has been noticeable but this is no surprise as his work ethic, focus and determination are exemplary."
Mark RoeEuropean Tour Player, Sky Sports Commentator & Short Game Specialist 

With the help of PGA Coach Hugh Marr,  I have gained a more knowledgeable understanding of the full swing and the biomechanics that take place.  I have taken a very determined approach to improve all the aspects of my game.

As part of the LSU tigers men's golf  team under the guidance of Head Coach Chuck Winstead I have followed a disciplined practice, fitness and nutrition programme which I know has improved my game awareness and strengthened my mental approach.  

Mark Roe's help with my short game has got me feeling the shots better and increasing my consistency on and around the greens. 

Over the last year I have also taken an interest to learn more about the importance of psychology and being in a more positive mental state on and off the golf course. With James Gunning from Walton Heath I have improved my mental strength to handle pressure situations better.

With the support of all my coaches I feel  I have gained a better understanding of how to progress my game and reduce my scores. I look forward positively to the competitive golf I will play in the future.

Ben Taylor - Golfer

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